Wikia Food & Tech Event:

This September I was honored to be one of 6 chefs asked to cook at Wikipedia's Food & Tech Event at San Francisco's Ferry Building
(view the event's website here)

Perfect Summer Salad

Serve as a bite size salad on skewers at a cocktail party,
or on pretty small plates at a dinner party.

Union Street's 15th Annual Sidewalk Sale at Dahlia Boutique


Complete Protein...

...the Vegan way!

OK, it's simple.
A Full Protein is made up of a combination of essential amino acids, nine to be exact.
Protein is found in many things besides for animal products, for example seeds, beans and grains.
However, all animal products are full proteins on there own (containing all esential amino acids)- the proper combination of things like rice and beans creates a full protein too.
Though, it is not necessary to combine specific protein foods at one sitting. Throughout the day, as you are consuming plant based proteins, your body will combine proteins from all sources to get all the "complete proteins" it needs.


More Power to You

Finally a Truely Powerful, Full Protein, HEALTHY Energy Bar!

not to mention, they're vegan, gluten free and NO sugar added- well a couple chocolate chips :o)