Happy Day 7... To A New You!

We did it!
I hope you are feeling a little healthier and fabulous this Sunday... I know I am.
To sum up the week:
 When you are feeling happy, healthy and fabulous you will thrive in every area of your life! 
You will be a better mom, lover, friend, and your business/career will thrive when you feel great! 

The most beautiful woman in the room is the happiest woman in the room
It is about being content in the moment and appreciating life.  Not taking yourself too seriously.  Surrounding yourself with the people who make you shine, and the people who see you as a star.  Enjoy the sun daily.  Make love and fall in love.
Your body is a temple

Take care of yourself.  Treat your body well and with kindness.  Eat healthy foods, mainly from the earth.  Sleep at least 7 hours a night.  Wear SPF daily, even in the winter.  Relax, breath and practice your A to ZEN list.  Exercise and move your body every day.
When you take care of your appearance you 
feel beautiful and fabulous
When you exercise and eat well you will feel great about yourself.  Not to mention doing the girl things helps with felling beautiful too.  I get my nails done for myself, but because I smile when I look down and see my hands sparkling.  Spend time and $$$ on making yourself feel and look fabulous.  I think it is so funny when people say, "Italian women and French women are so beautiful."  That's because they take care of themselves... in a classy, subtle, chic way.  
Here's how, and I did it all this week too:  Put yourself together daily (that means no lulu lemon unless you're at the gym).  Get your hair professionally done, I'm obsessed with Stephanie at Festoon.  Get your eyebrows done, I love Julie at Lashfully.  Wear your scent, Miss Dior is my current favorite.  Get your nails done, Shelllac is amazing.  


Happy Day 6... To A New You!

What a beautiful day is SF!
I hope everyone else got to enjoy the sunshine!
After a wonderful afternoon spent in the park with a few of my best friends (since middle school!) I realized I don't do this nearly enough.
It is so easy to get caught up in our crazy hectic lives and forget to stop, relax, take a "time out" and breeeeeath.

Today's Tip:
How to find your zen... everyday


Happy Day 5... To A New You!

Remember how I said I ended up going out to dinner at 9:30pm with the Italians i met at MeetUp...? Well, I didn't mention that EACH one of them ordered their OWN pizza!
Anyway, it struck me that every single person sitting at the table was fit and definitely not over weight.
How is this possible?
And that's today's healthy living tip...
How to eat like an Italian and not get fat!
It's simple really and here's how:


Happy Day 4... To A New You!

Today was a whorl wind and it's only getting windier... I just got home from my client's house at 9pm having to write this post (scratch that) wanting to write this post and my camera is acting up... Anyway, today was a perfect example of the inspiration for todays topic...

How to have healthy food in your fridge all the time, that you only have to prep on Sunday, or whatever day works for you.  Making it super easy for you to just grab and reheat a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner.
So, I had 3 hours between coming home from teaching classes at the gym and going to Marin to cook for clients in their home, to create, cook and photograph the 3 meals.

Not to mention I'm on 4 hours of sleep!  That Italian meetup happy hour I went to last night was a blast!  After 3 hours and 3 glasses of wine my Italian was flowin like a native and I ended up at an Italian restaurant in North Beach with 8 bello Italian men :) So far I'm  LOVIN meetup!


Happy Day 3... To A New You!


Today's will be fast...I have that Italian Meetup! happy hour at Bubble Lounge in an hour!

Again, today's tip was inspired by the turn of events in my day.
Like many of you, I pack my day with meetings, appointments, lunches with friends, gym classes, laundry (mine's in the mat down the street now!) work emails, etc. and often don't have time to pack a healthy lunch or plan a healthy meal for when I get home.
Tip #1
Healthy Eating is Easy and Cheap!

Today's menu is super simple and fast!
Breakfast was thrown in a jar in 1 minute and taken out the door.
Lunch was picked up at Walgreens, if you can believe it or not.
Dinner was salmon, grain and veggies all baked in the same dish.


Happy Day 2... To A New You!

Welcome to day 2!
How do you feel?  I already know of some friends who have cut out refined sugar or alcohol or tried yoga for the first time today... Great Job you guys!
Well, my "no refined sugar" for a week goal didn't go as planned...
I reached for a bowl of complimentary chocolates at a store this afternoon with out even realizing it!
Ooooops! But it's ok, shit happens like we learned yesterday.  Tomorrow I will try harder.
Have you come up with a goal yet?  Don't forget to write it down!

Todays menu is so pure and will love it!
And today's healthy living tip is even better!

Eat Your Way Clean!

Ok, backing up to the basics...
I have been getting some feedback in regards to the menu I posted on, Day 1 To a New You.
My apologies for not helping you properly stock your fridge/pantry for the week...


Happy Day 1... To A New YOU!

Hello There!
So... today did not start off exactly the way I expected.  But that's ok, bumps in the road are part of life.
Today's bump was the inspiration behind my first healthy living tip...

Tip #1
Shit happens, don't beat yourself up, move on.


A New Year... A New You!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I am feeling so good about 20-12... great things are going to happen...
I have a feeling!

For the next 7 days join me on the path to a new healthy you!
Every day I will be sharing recipes and tips on how to make healthy living enjoyable, fun and easy.