A New Year... A New You!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I am feeling so good about 20-12... great things are going to happen...
I have a feeling!

For the next 7 days join me on the path to a new healthy you!
Every day I will be sharing recipes and tips on how to make healthy living enjoyable, fun and easy.

We ALL get busy during the Holidays and as a result maybe not eat as well or skip our 6am workout because we're just too dang tired and exhausted!
Well, today is a new day, a new year actually, and it's never too late to start fresh.
December is over, that pie was eaten and those runs were skipped, but January is here and looking fresher than ever!
We all have our own special ways in which we find balance and reenergize ourselves.  For the next week focus on filling your life with what works best for you, whether it's through hiking, yoga, massages, manicures, reading, bubble baths or spending time with the people you love (media off), do something that makes you FEEL WONDERFUL EVERYDAY!
I recently discovered acupuncture and have fallen completely in love with the practice and how wonderful it makes me feel.  Some days I go into my appointment so anxious and stressed, not able to breath at all, and leave feeling refreshed like a new born baby!
I have been seeing Daniel, an amazing acupuncturist, twice a week during the holidays in an attempt to get my body's YIN back in full flow.
Daniel gave me a large list of warming foods, from the book Healing with Whole Foods, to help my poor little off balanced body get back on track... I'm so excited to get cooking and share the recipes!  (Crazy Sexy Diet is also on my list of must reads this January)

As a result from my stressful catering months, my body is officially not YIN-ing properly :)
My skin is blotchy, my cheekbones have gone missing behind cheesecake cheeks, I'm breaking out like I'm 16 again, my energy is lower than nasdaq and I'm three month pregnant, I mean bloated!
It's amazing how what's going on inside directly reflects the outside. 
When you're stressed, not rested and not eating well it shows! 

Ok, enough talking... Let's get healthy!
Stay Tuned...

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