Bu bu bu bundt Cake

Apple Spiced Bundt!

This Cake was so delicious I had to make it twice in 2 days.


Hazelnut Ganache Tart with Sea Salt

Um, Yum!
I am such a sucker for Sweet + Salt!

A perfect dessert to serve a crowd-
this is sure to impress your dinner guest


Sweet Potato and Kale- with a kick

Two of my favorite fall foods coming together at last...

Mushroom and Barley

This dish goes very well with many fall recipes. If you are gluten sensitive, try using rice or buckwheat in place on barley.


Wikia Food & Tech Event:

This September I was honored to be one of 6 chefs asked to cook at Wikipedia's Food & Tech Event at San Francisco's Ferry Building
(view the event's website here)

Perfect Summer Salad

Serve as a bite size salad on skewers at a cocktail party,
or on pretty small plates at a dinner party.

Union Street's 15th Annual Sidewalk Sale at Dahlia Boutique


Complete Protein...

...the Vegan way!

OK, it's simple.
A Full Protein is made up of a combination of essential amino acids, nine to be exact.
Protein is found in many things besides for animal products, for example seeds, beans and grains.
However, all animal products are full proteins on there own (containing all esential amino acids)- the proper combination of things like rice and beans creates a full protein too.
Though, it is not necessary to combine specific protein foods at one sitting. Throughout the day, as you are consuming plant based proteins, your body will combine proteins from all sources to get all the "complete proteins" it needs.


More Power to You

Finally a Truely Powerful, Full Protein, HEALTHY Energy Bar!

not to mention, they're vegan, gluten free and NO sugar added- well a couple chocolate chips :o)


Cornmeal Crust Pizza

I have always loved cornmeal crust pizzas and finally realized it was time I learn to make one. If you have never tried one, it’s time to indulge.


5 Foods Women Should Eat Organic

In a perfect world be would buy everything organic, and local, but until then, here are the five most important foods to consume organic:


Nonna's Biscotti

Gluten/Sugar Free and Vegan Almond Biscotti

My Italian grandmother would be disappointed to see what I have done to the family biscotti recipe. But, in my defense, it's 20-10 and with new research coming out showing the negative effects wheat and sugar have on our bodies, I felt the need to make a few adjustments.


Packing For a Picnic

Greek CousCous Salad

Summer is here in San Francisco!
I can actually say it has been "hot" in the good ol' "Fog City"
Which means I can no longer get away with out shaving my legs for 2 weeks or not wearing deodorant, damn :o)


MexiCali Quinoa Soup

Everything you love about guacamole... in a hearty healthy soup!

This is just a simple quinoa and black bean soup with a little mexican spizzaz to it.
The fresh avocado, cilantro and lime are the key ingredients here...you're gonna love it!


How Sweet it is to be Lavender

Sweet & Salty = Perfection!

I have been having a recent obsession with sweets sprinkled with salt!

The 3 flavors here (sugary sweetness, earthy lavender and savory salt) make these shortbread cookies little bites of heaven!  


A-HA! Tuna TarTare

Ahi Tuna is the tastiest fish in the ocean!
I prefer raw fish over cooked fish- raw is so much more flavorful, and fresh tasting and just melts in my mouth!


Get That Glow

Beauty directly reflects overall wellness and health within the body.  The nutrients we eat affects cell growth (hair, nails, skin), therefore, it's important that we do, and eat, what's best for maintaining healthy cell rejuvenation. 


Going Nuts for Rosemary Cashews

My aunt has been making these nuts every year during the Holidays for as long as I can remember. I seriously need to brush my teeth and chew on gum just to get myself to stop eating them!
They can be served warm out of the oven or at room temp.


Choose the Flavor, Fruit Jam Bars

I love making these bars because they are simple to make and so delicious.
My mom has been making these for as long as I can remember.  Every summer she makes homemade raspberry jam, and always makes a batch of these bars with her jam.


Winter Citrus Salad

This Saturday at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market I saw something  I had never seen before.  Red Walnuts!  They are so pretty, almost too pretty to eat.


Gloomy Day in SF Soup!

Today's lunch was inspired by nothing else other than the bad weather...
San Francisco is known as the "Fog City," which actually is not fair to say because we usually have very mild, beautiful weather :)  
But I willl admit, today was a particularly grey day.



Vanessa's Focaccia Pizzas

Vanessa and Jaime eating- because that's what we do best!

"Sausage" Focaccia Pizza
Spinach, Garlic and Pine Nut Focaccia Pizza

Baked Dates filled with Creamy Goat Brie Cheese

This is what heaven would taste like!

There is something so incredible about the Savory, Salty and Sweet 
flavors all coming together in one orgasmic bite!


Amaretto Persimmon Bundt Cake

O My Gosh- I have never eaten the batter of anything like I did this! Maybe it was all the liquor that had me licking the bowl clean!