Breakfast Fit for A Queen

Oatmeal in a Squash Bowl

Have I mentioned I'm in love with squash?
I dread the day they are no longer in season... :o(


Egg Salad Sandwich

Here I've made a healthy twist to the otherwise not so healthy American staple sandwich.
Instead of Mayonnaise I use fat free plain yogurt (organic). Yogurt adds protein, where as mayo is purly fat- that's all- with absolutely no beneficial nutritional value.


Butternut Squash with Brown Butter, Crispy Sage, Pecan & Quinoa Pilaf...

...It's a mouth full- Literally!
'tis the season to eat SQUASH

breakfast, lunch, side dish or dinner...
bake, roast, steam, stuff or mash...
The possibilities are endless

The Best White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie...


Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with salty-sweet treats!? ;o)
The salty flavor of the nuts go so well with the sweet white chocolate flavor, purely sublime!


Ball of Fire!

Like Power Bars, they're Power Balls!

I've recently been experimenting with making healthy, whole, full protein, gluten free workout snacks...and these I think are a winner. Just one will sustain your energy for at least 2 hour workout.