"Panzanella" is Italian for Bread Salad
I make this with heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, Italian black olives, big hearty croutons made with 2 types of Acme breads, fresh basil and a simple balsamic vinaigrette

Thai Coconut Rice with Fresh Mangos

 My favorite Thai dessert!
Super easy to make for a crowd, this recipe can even be tripled
and made way in advanced

Thai Cucumber Salad

Spicy yet Cool and Fresh
So nice on a hot sticky summer day in Thailand... or SF

The Land of Smiles

I spent my last semester of college studying at Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand.
At the end of my semester I stayed an additional 3 months to continue traveling, exploring and learning all that South East Asia has to offer. (Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Hong Kong)
From the friendly people, unfamiliar yet alluring culture, peaceful religion, exotic and lush land, delicious food and ancient traditions, Thailand is unlike any other country I've been to.


Carmel Graham Cookies

My Aunt Izzy is the inspiration behind my love affair with food and cooking.  I have many childhood memories of summers spent in the kitchen whipping up treats with Izzy and Mindee (my cousin).
These Graham Crackers were a favorite of mine and Mindee's and were requested often.
With only 4 ingredients, these tasty treats are super easy to make, even for kiddies

Seasonal Produce

Keeping track of all the yummy fruits and vegetables in season this month can be tricky.

Spring Veggie Platter 


Broccoli, Beans and Pesto Rice with Pine Nuts and Parmesan

Like most of the things I make, they're inspired by what ever happens to be in my fridge and the ingredients can easily be changed and adjusted to your liking


TRX Training!

Stands For: Total Body Resistance Training!

My Current Obsessions:
House and Home Magazine


ingrained in your memory...your Basic Grain Pilaf

Actually, there is not even a recipe for this post!
The point is, we need to always keep cooked whole grains on-hand in our fridge!

The first step to eating healthy:
Stock your fridge with healthy,  pre-made (by you) foods!

Miso Cod and Japanese Eggplant over Sesame Cabbage Rice

a winner for sure
I'm asked repeatedly by clients to make this


Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt Mint Dip

These are great little guys for an appetizer and can be made ahead of time

I love the freshness of the mint with yogurt.  
It adds a really nice refreshing contrast to the spicy lamb meatballs

Raisin Bread Pudding

This breakfast was inspired by nothing other than the neglected Raisin Bread waiting untouched and unloved for a month in my freezer :(


My Melting Pot

In our blue and white kitchen,
this is where it all goes down (right into my belly!)

I have the pleasure of living with my cousin, slash best friend, and thank goodness we have the same taste when it comes to home decor. Partially inspired by her love affair with Greece and Greek men (her wonderful fiance) we decided to decorate our kitchen using a sea-side Mediterranean blue and white pallet.

We mix-match our dishes and keep them on display in our open cabinets


Braised Chicken Marsala and Sage Polenta

Don't be intimidated, this is simple to make and
so mouth watering delicious

I first made this for clients, and now I just keep coming back to it when
I'm in a jam and need something fancy to whip up

Broccoli Rabe Pizza

I'm currently obsessed with Udi's gluten free pizza crusts
I had some broccoli rabe going old in the crisper and thought what better than garlicky sauteed greens on pizza!?

China Cabinet

one man's trash is another's treasure

My inner Martha Stewart came out...
now it beautifully displays my limoge, crystal and silver

once blue with white wooden knobs

Zach Ashton - Sugar & Spice Video

my theme song!

Buckwheat Blini

so light and airy, these little guys are perfect paired with
smoked salmon or trout


Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (The Element of Freedom A...

I am not currently in love, nor am I mending a broken heart
But, I am in love with this song!
I've had it on repeat all week since she popped up on my Pandora list

Alicia Keys is not only incredibly talented, but humble and beautiful too!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I!

Bello Yellow

from head to toe, red carpet to the beach, yellow is hot!

Fashion week in Paris

Julia Jamoise, Fashion week in Milan
Prada banana skirt

Fashion week in Ghana

Fashion shoot in Turkey


Baja or Bust

In the Northern region of Baja, near Ensenada,
there is a lovely wine region called the Guadalupe Valley
Who knew? Not me!

I met my friend in Ensenada, where we stayed for a few days,
and took day trips to the valley

I was so lucky to arrive during harvest season and the
Vino Vendimia Festival
(what's being said: LA Times)

Paella Festival:
great wine, gorgeous scenery, delicious paella and beautiful people

Earring Organizer

Vintage looking ribbon and push pins from an art store

Don't push the pin flat to the wall. Leave space so you can hang necklaces too!


you're just one in a trillion

To the world you may be one person
but to one person you may be the world

I love this quote so much!
while balancing my au laite on a ledge I snuck a pic

What a great afternoon; the sun is out and I've decided to stroll around my neighborhood and pop into one of my favorite SF clothing shops, Picnic.
Picnic has recently opened up shop next door too- selling more things for the home and garden.


This is so delicious over plain Greek yogurt
and topped with fresh berries

Ok, this is as healthy and low fat as Granola can get
I used apple sauce as the sweetener, along with vanilla extract and a tad bit of honey.
I added cinnamon, flax seeds and raw nuts too for flavor and nutritional and medicinal purposes.
Studies show that cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar and especially good to have first thing in the morning, while flax seeds provide omegas (healthy fats) and are high in protein and fiber.