Cinco De Mayooooo Shrimp Taco

To no surprise, every year I crave Mexican food from May 1st to the 5th!  
Not much beats a nice, authentic fish taco!

I whipped these up with some simple ingredients I had on hand...and you should keep these staples around too:
Fresh chopped cabbage salad can keep for a week in the fridge.  Cabbage is SO good for you (another recipes and reasons here)
Frozen shrimp is nice to have on hand and gives a simple dinner a little more touch of spazaz (one pot dinner)
Limes and Lemons are great for flushing toxins from your body
Plain Greek yogurt can be added to anything and made into healthy dips and sauces by adding seasoning and herbs.

I love this table decor!

Red Onion
Cabbage Salad Chopped (toss with oil oils and fresh squeezed lime)
Greek yogurt mixed with hot sauce (just a healthier alternative to sour cream)
Corn Tortillas

Heat the tortillas, meanwhile,
Sautee the onion and garlic
Add the chopped shrimp with salt
Cook and remove from heat then squeeze lemon over the shrimp
Assemble tacos.  Top with sour cream (yogurt) and fresh cilantro

And most importantly, Margaritas! 
Recipe for the real thing


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