Sushi, Caipirinhas and Dancing at Mercedes

My last night in Milan (and first night in Greece) may have been the most memorable of my 2 weeks in Europe - besides for of course Mindee and Peter's wedding!
I'm a pretty easy going traveler - I really do not care where we go, what we see, where we eat, how we get there, when we get there or really anything at all...I'm just along for a good time!  So for my last night I was not expecting much but was thrilled when Cecile got us a reservation at Temakinho and on the guest list to a party at Mercedes! Temakinho, is a snazzy sushi place famous for their fresh fish and Brazilian cocktails, Caipirinhas.
Mercedes launches a new car (don't ask me what it was) and turned their dealership into a giant discoteca :)

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