Baked Dates filled with Chevre and Wrapped in Bacon

Ok, I don't eat bacon, buuuuuut, these I had to try.

These bad boys are a crowd pleaser for sure. They are so rich so you wont need to make more than about 2 per person.

I really, really encourage you to use organic meat and especially support producers who use humane methods of farming. I made these for a private dinner party I catered, (who wanted to keep the menu local and seasonal- yes- I love it!) so I bought the bacon from Prather Ranch. They're really a great ranch and raise their animals in a healthy and happy environment. Yea Prather!

There is nothing esthetically appealing about baked dates wrapped in bacon. Uh, so brown and boring. I definietly knew I'd have to dress these up a bit with color and fesh herbs.
I bought leaves from the florist at Whole Foods to put on the plate and pinched a bit of fresh thyme onto each date

Medjool Dates, 2 times the number of pieces of bacon you use
Chevre (Goat Cheese)
Bacon, organic. trimmed and cut crosswise in half

Pit the dates
Fill each date with about 1/2 t of chevre
Wrap each date in a piece of bacon, stem side down and cheesy side up
Place on a baking sheet lined with foil
Place under the broiler for about 2 minutes on each side to get them nice and crispy.
Let stand for a couple of minutes before serving.
Stick 'em with a toothpick and sprinkle with fresh herbs

easy peasy!

I found that just baking them did not get the bacon crispy enough.
Because I made these for an event, I broiled them for a few minutes hours before and just reheated them in the oven right before serving.

cheesy side up, bacon stem side down

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