Girls Dinner Party

My dear friend Alex came home for the weekend from law school in Boston, so what better excuse than this to have an All Ladies Dinner Party!?  The girls and I set the date and arrange who brings what- the best part is that all my friends eat super healthy and mostly vegan!

Erin, Kathryn, Alex, Jacquie, Kaity and Vanessa

Here's the menu to our guilt-free feeding frenzy! 

Hummus served with and assortment of veggies and a sliced baguette 

Prosecco (Italian Sparketing Wine) with pomegranate seeds

Main Course:
Butternut Squash with Bulger (recipe)
Erin's Tomato and Persimmon salad  (recipe)
Vanessa's Focaccia Pizzas (recipe)

CAN'T believe it's Vegan Chocolate Cake (recipe)

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  1. Wow!! Great to see this girl’s party. All girls are looking gorgeous. Planning to throw similar party for all my friends at one of local LA venues. Will have dress code too as want to arrange unique party for everyone.