Butter and Biscuits

I made 2 flavors

Honey Pecan and Herb

Butter is so easy to make, who new!

Now, because I am SO behind on posting recipes, the next few posts are going to be just recipes- I'm skipping the small talk so I can catch up!

Ok, I have to say this though, butter is so damn easy to make (when not shaking it in a jar like our grandmother would have done), all you have to do is throw heavy cream in a Cuisenart and press on.

In jars for Christmas presents

Add heavy cream to the Cuisenart.
Mix until the heavy cream separates into butter and liquid (butter milk)
This process takes about 5 minutes.
Just sit back, catch up on the news and emails, and come back to the kitchen in about 5 minutes

reserve the liquid, which is butter milk.
Put the butter into a bowl
Enjoy plain or get creative with flavors!
I added herbs, like thyme, rosemary and sage to one batch and honey and chopped pecans to another batch.

Now, you have to make buttermilk biscuits with all that buttermilk you have

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