ingrained in your memory...your Basic Grain Pilaf

Actually, there is not even a recipe for this post!
The point is, we need to always keep cooked whole grains on-hand in our fridge!

The first step to eating healthy:
Stock your fridge with healthy,  pre-made (by you) foods!

There are many verities for grain pilafs, my favorite is quinoa 
with this rice medley I buy in bulk (brown, red and black)

Having this on hand will keep you from turning to processed foods like toast for breakfast, croutons on your salad at lunch or pasta with your fish at super.  And it is always available and ready to eat, which mean NO work for you! And, it can keep in the fridge for days!

I know we all complain about "not having enough time to cook"... well, you can't use that excuse anymore!

For example, you can use your already made Basic Grain Pilaf for:
Cook with eggs in a frying pan (2 minutes)
Heat up in a pot with milk, cinnamon, vanilla, raisins and almonds for porridge (2 minutes)

Throw on your salad (timeless!)
Mix with bean and wrap in a tortilla (1 minute)

Throw into your soup instead of pasta (I do this with Thai curry too yum yum)
Put in a baking dish with white wine, top it with fish, rosemary, tomatoes, capers etc and bake

If you know that you will be using your Basic Grain Pilaf for savory dishes only, substitute the water for broth and even cook up a chopped onion in the pot before adding the rice.
This will really add a lot more flavor.
I usually choose to make mine with water (and no onion obviously) so I can have the option to make porridge in the morning too

Get creative with your combinations, portions and quantities of each grain.
Combinations I enjoy:
Millet and Quinoa
Rice and Amaranth

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