The Land of Smiles

I spent my last semester of college studying at Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand.
At the end of my semester I stayed an additional 3 months to continue traveling, exploring and learning all that South East Asia has to offer. (Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Hong Kong)
From the friendly people, unfamiliar yet alluring culture, peaceful religion, exotic and lush land, delicious food and ancient traditions, Thailand is unlike any other country I've been to.

Bangkok: old and new

when you give kids your camera to use...

always ask for permission before snapping a photo 

road to the village I stayed at

bedroom at the village

 host making lunch, pretty sure there was a baby pig in the soup

Be thankful for dryers.  Be thankful for clothes.

my friends purse in our funky taxi truck through the mountains

street food of Bangkok

so sad :(  I didn't support this

fruit on the beach, I did support this

In a temple 

Karen Long Neck Tribe

visiting the hill tribes
Our hut on the beach, $7 a night


Taxi Boat

My best friend Mei.  When people asked how we know each other:
"Mei is from Tokyo I am from SF, we met 3 years ago in Milan. 
Mei is now living in Petra, Jordan and I've been living here"
It was a mouth full :)

me playing soccer on the beach

I am still obsessed with Papaya Salad
(my favorite place in SF to satisfy my craving)

A few of my favorite Thai dishes that I have attempted to recreate are spicy hot green curry, fresh cucumber salad and coconut rice with mango

A few things that amazed me while living Thailand:
How a family in a shack and a family in a gated home can live side-by-side, shop at the same corner store and pray at the same temple... peacefully 
The Thais LOVE festivals and are always celebrating something

Hush-hush feelings towards their king... don't expect a Thai to say anything negative about their King.
Billboard size pictures of the king that take up the entire exterior of a 4 story 2 block shopping center.
Their easy going attitude towards hospitality and working in the service industry.  "Roaches in your room? No problem, sleep with the light on"
When dinning out with a group expect everyone to be served separately and about 15 minutes apart, and don't be surprised if your dessert comes before your entree 
Looking up at construction worker building a freeway- with a hammer- while barefoot and shirtless
An elephant walking past you on the busy streets of Bangkok
People are so "smiley"

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